Leadership Team Report August 2010 (via The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life)

It’s been a while since I’ve had anything of large substance to say about the Anglican Cathedral in Second Life. My last piece on them was about the “wild” garden outside the close, back in July.

The Cathedral team has plenty to say themselves, though. Here is their leadership report for this month, at their blog:


Leadership Team Report August 2010 Things have moved slowly in our deliberations since I last reported. I suppose it happens when many in the northern hemisphere are at a time of taking summer breaks. I had hoped to be able to publish the results of the survey from last year but that is not yet possible. All I can do is apologise and hope I can soon post the information. The new developments around the sim have been well received. We had a commissioning service, reported on earlie … Read More

via The Anglican Cathedral of Second Life


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