New Hair at Analog Dog

Queue Marlowe is one of the longest-running hairstylists in Second Life, I believe, as well as one of the most popular.  Go to her Analog Dog store when she announces a new release, and you’ll have to do two things:

  1. Turn off “Water” in the Advanced menu Rendering Types, to cut down on the lag;
  2. You’ll still need to cam around through all the bodies of women trying on styles.

This new selection of four styles is no different.  Queue has done it again, to wit:

Harper style by Analog Dog

I’ll admit that this one on the notecard is what caught my attention.  I’d love to claim that Queue named it for me, but it’s not the case.  However, this is a fun, curly style that is wonderful for lazing around on a spring/summer walk or in a deck chair, or maybe just having coffee at the local java joint.

Three more past the fold….

Mochi style by Analog Dog

Mochi, by contrast, is a versatile bob with a nice peakaboo flip. This could be worn for casual, or give you some sophistication and seduction at an evening’s affair in one of the night clubs.

Kathryn style by Analog Dog

Kathryn is possibly my favorite of this release.  A flowing upsweep is bound up with cords, adding height and elegance to your look.  Evening wear, I would say; but more likely this could turn into a favorite in fantasy and RPG sims, especially with anyone looking for an “ancient Greece” look.

Lara style by Analog Dog

Lara, rear view

Lara is also a contender for favorite.  I won’t say that this long braid never disappears into your back or shoulders — one of my few bugaboos about long hair on the Grid — but I think this has less chance of doing this, or at least of being noticed unless someone is standing behind you when your avatar turns her head.  Artistically, the weaving of the hair prims shows Queue’s skill after several years of work at her chosen profession.

Check them out at Analog Dog; it’ll be worth a visit.

Posted October 15, 2010 by Harper Ganesvoort in Hairstyles

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