Second Life Churches — St. George’s Church, Augia

Another visit to an in-world church here, part of this year’s Christmas travels to Second Life places of worship.

Saint George’s Church is a Catholic church institution, administered by the German Archdiocese of Freiburg, as you can see from the flag in front of the door.  They hold periodic prayer services — the schedule is available on a tablet near the door in the entry arch — but not much more than this, at least from the appearances.  I will admit that I have got no German, though, and attempting to get great gobs of sense from Google Translate or Babelfish results is never a happy experience (grin).

Irregardless of this, it’s a pretty little church, very medieval in decoration on the interior walls if my art classes are still remembered.  A single long central aisle leads to the altar and the crucifix in the back, hung on the apse.  The ring of green that you see to the right of the altar is the Advent wreath, the decoration given here to the church for the Christmastime.  One can sit back and listen to a homily in the pews, or kneel to pray as the spirit moves you.

Up the right aisle, you’ll find a lovely baroque statue of Saint George slaying the dragon.  Most English speakers think of George purely as the patron saint of England; but he was also the patron of all knight in general, and is celebrated throughout Europe.  There is also a nice Pietà statue in the left aisle.

Outside again, behind the church, you’ll find a very nice fellowship circle of benches — note the Advent wreath again, this time hanging in midair (grin) — and a stone path leading up to a small chapel.

There’s at least one more building connected with the archdiocese in the town across the street from the church; it carries clickable pictures leading to pages at their Web site.  Note that they are mostly in German; so, if you’re interested, you may want to have a translator page open, despite my dissing them up above.

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