New World Notes Reports SL Profiles Now Available for Sharing On Open Web

New World Notes published an article an hour ago that Resident profiles are available, at least in part, on the open Web through their site and a special secure address.  The new page, attributed to Daniel Voyager, comes direct from your in-world profile with very little difference in content.   Mine is below, for instance:

You can see any profile by typing into the address bar, substituting your avatar name for the first and last, of course.  (You need the dot between.)  Besides the information shown, it will also give your partner status, if you have one.  If you log in at the normal point on the page, you can edit the information from here as well.  Daniel’s article shows a completeness bar in the editor which I did not see; either I have it blocked accidentally as part of my ad-blocker suite, or I’m pretty complete now.  You can also add in links to existing Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts.  Comparisons are being made to last year’s Avatars United program, which was purchased by Linden Lab, then shut down several months later as part of the cutbacks.

Hamlet Au is right in saying that some may raise privacy concerns about this new feature.  Some may not want to reveal that they have a partner in world; others, like myself, may wonder about the publication of their payment info status (used or not used).  Linden Lab has not publicized this, and the current speculation is that this may still be in the early days of creation.  Some elements could be removed before the pages get announced officially.  For myself, as long as I keep a strong, secure password on my account, and the Lab takes off the payment info visibility, I have no problems here, and I won’t have much if they don’t alter it as I want (or give us the ability to alter it, or maybe to opt out/in on demand).  This is no worse than already having your information hanging out in front of some 30,000-50,000 strangers at any given time.  Yes, I know some will say, “Just on a larger, and more public, scale.”  Welcome to the world of social networking….

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