Buy a Linden Teddy Bear and Help Out Japan

The day after I got back in business with a new desktop — in fact, less than 12 hours after getting it hooked up and running — news came in of the earthquake and tsunami in Sendai and nearby regions of Japan.  I have at least two SL acquaintances in Japan, and I can only hope at the moment that all is well with them.  I’ve sent an E-mail to Ruriko, with no response as of this date.  She’s labeled her Flickr account as “off line for a while,” so she may not even be picking up messages.

We can do things, both in RL and SL, to help the victims of this huge catastrophe.  You know the best ways in Real Life to help out, but here’s how, thanks to Linden Lab and with a heads-up from Hamlet Au, to help virtually.  Unlimber your virtual purse and travel to the marketplace.  You can pick up some of the famous Linden teddy bears, dressed in a Rising Sun T-shirt, for three different prices:  L$300, L$1,000 and L$3,000.  More information here at the Second Life blogs.

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