Jack Layton, 1950-2011

(CC) Photo courtesy of the Wikimedia Commons

A moment of stepping into Real Life to offer sympathies to my Canadian readers, if any.  I learned a few minutes ago from the BBC that Jack Layton, the long-time leader of Canada’s New Democratic Party, lost his fight against a recurrence of cancer yesterday.  He was aged 61.  The leader of the left-most of the major Canadian parties, Layton worked for social programs and reforms similar to some program goals of the American Democratic Party.  Though perhaps too liberal for my own more centrist brand of politics (at my age here), I still salute him as a man who believed in his causes and tried to do what he saw as right.

The CBC has in-depth coverage of the event, and of Layton’s life.  Condolences may be extended to his widow and family through a link at the party site above.

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