Bliss Couture Does Fur

Bliss Couture gave the fashion press and public a look at their up-and-coming fur line over the past weekend at a pair of fashion shows at the flagship store.  While I didn’t catch most of the actual show, I did get a chance to check out the vendors, which were left up over the weekend.  They’ve been taken back in now, so you’ll need to keep your ear to the ground for when Amutey Decuir decides to release them into the general collection.

But here’s a taste of what to expect, provided to me as a gift by Queen Watanabe, Amutey’s marketing manager:

This coat is called NyuNyu, and has the most luscious velvet-like texture and pattern to the actual body of the jacket.  The collar and sleeves are thick with fur — 100% prim fur, I’m assured; no animals were harmed in the making of these coats.

The Zhora model is a fuller length, with an actual skirt to the jacket; however, I left it off at one point, and the jacket by itself was still very satisfactory to my (relatively fast) examination.  It’s held “shut” by a tiny gold chain, which you can just make out crossing my navel here.

If you wish to see the other models, you’ll need to check out other blogs, or specifically Bliss’ blog article for September 17.  (I’d give a direct link to the article, but Bliss’ blog somehow changes the title link to a SLurl.)  Alternatively, you can check out Amutey’s Flickr stream, starting with this photo.

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