TIP: Eye Makeup Order Matters

Here’s a tip that I had never heard since tattoo eye makeup began, but which some others in the Fashion Emergency group knew of, and that I worked out for myself about a week ago:  it matters what order you put on your makeup in Second Life, just as it can in real life.  If you don’t do the process with consideration of this factor, some things that can enhance the look you’re seeking will get covered up beneath a later tattoo.  To demonstrate, here’s a few examples; but first, let’s set the control for our experiment.

This is me, bare-face and scrubbed before the virtual worlds, so to speak.  This is my familiar PXL Candy skin that I wear almost all the time.  It has a built-in eyeliner, but no lashes, and the lips are a good color already.  In my experience, it won’t matter what level of layer you place the lipstick out of your makeup case, unless it is part of an eyeshadow suite that does both eyes and lips at the same time.  There are some products out there that combine the two for a unified, consistent look.  You’ll need to take this into account.

Example 1

Here, I have put on a set of Amacci lashes first, then an eyeshadow tattoo over that.  Notice how the lashes are almost lost beneath the shadow, especially on the lid itself.  This is because the coloring of the shadow is, of course, sitting on top of the lashes, blotting them out.  So, let’s flip the order.

See now how much darker the lashes are; they have actual definition, while you’re still able to get the color of the shadow beneath.  This is a more natural look, as makeup looks in real life.

Example 2

Here is a more subtle example, which I should leave as an exercise for you to see the difference between the two shots; but I’m not that mean (grin).  This has three layers, not just two:  lashes, shadow and a liquid eyeliner glaze for added definition and color.  But here, again, the lashes are underneath the other layers, with the glaze next and the shadow on top of that.  The effect here is not so bad with this particular combination of products, but look toward the lashes in the center, and the colors at the inner creases of the lids, and then compare with the next picture.

Notice how the makeup is much clearer in this photo, where the makeup is done in the right order (shadow, glaze, lashes).  Again, the lashes are now consistently visible; and the glaze line is now defined across the entire lid, adding additional “pop” to the look, that effect we all so desperately seek in RL on the advice of professional makeup artists.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, of course; you may want a particular look for a particular event or photo session.  But in most normal situations, keep your shadow on the bottom and the lashes on top.  You may also need to consider other items you’re adding beyond that, up to the viewer limit of five layers in a particular attachment zone; for instance, a set of White~Widow brow tattoos should be just below the lashes and on top of the shadow and liners, unless you don’t want particular details to show up in your photos.  And the last point to remember:  tattoos are system layers, like skin and base clothes.  Your mileage may vary with your computer; but be prepared to do a lot of rebaking as you add layers, so that you can see what it looks like.  (The shortcut for rebaking, for those who don’t know or remember, is Ctrl-Alt-R.)

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