The Triumph of a Heart

Eshi Otawara comes up with yet another avant-garde confection that has to be seen to be believed. Harper Beresford features the gown at her blog, and gives us a fantastic photo spread to show the details.

A Passion for Virtual Fashion

The Triumph of a Heart

The nerves are sending shimmering signals
All through my fingers
The veins support
Blood that gushes impulsively towards
Is the triumph of a heart that gives all
That gives all
The triumph of a heart that gives all
That gives all

~ “Triumph of a Heart” by Bjork

The Triumph of a Heart

The song fits. The connection is perfect. Eshi Otawara is releasing her first ensemble in quite a while, just in time for Valentine’s Day, and it is a triumph of the heart. With the bold red and black feathering, its intricate waist and bustle, its well… triumphant head piece, Eshi gives us that pulsing passionate art that we have missed so much in the past year. Look closely and you see Eshi packs this piece with passion, from the animated red pulses running up the swirls to the cosmic anemones in the headpiece to the side veils streaked with red edges.


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