I’ve been getting away from news lately, missing stuff that I could probably comment on, due to RL busy-ness and a lack of inclination to get into the fray. But this needs repeating here to spread the word more. Thanks to Daniel for covering this.

Daniel Voyager

A few days ago Oskar Linden replied to second life down again? unscheduled maintenance? thread on the SL Forums. Oskar talks about the recovery process of the recent hardware failure at one of the data centers Linden Lab operates.  Thanks to Oskar Linden for letting the SL community know about this failure. Check out the message below…

These issues were the result of a hardware failure in one of our datacenters. The issue was noticed immediately and acted upon within minutes. A key first step is intentionally disabling logins and billing. The second step is recovering the hardware or working around it. The third step is bringing services back online slowly to make sure all is well. This entire process took 30 minutes. Say what you will, but that is a very impressive response time. After core functionality was returned we focused on regions that had been affected and worked to get them stable…

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