Sundress in Summer

Donna Flora’s Cinecittá is an interesting place to explore, never mind the Grid-famous atelier run by Squinternet Larnia that helps pay for the bills.  Besides the recreation of the famous Trevi Fountain (which I’ve used previously), there are other stretches of backlot and just plain good looking things to admire.  The inspiration, of course, comes from the famous movie studio just east of Rome.

And when you’re walking about Rome on a fine summer day, why not walk around in a fine sundress?  Prism and Journey McLaglen supply this quite nicely with the new Amanda mesh dress.  Journey’s taste in color and texture are at work again here; it’s hard, if not impossible, to find a boring design anywhere in the store.  This one comes in five different flavors, if I remember correctly; I chose this pattern, which is called “Tiger Lily.”  I went blonde for the purposes here, and also went with a relatively pale makeup palette (see below).

The other items new to my inventory are these wedge sandals from J’s.  Sculptie shoes still have a place, though mesh is starting to do away with the “shadow” problems caused by alpha textures around some sculpted shoes.  These sculpties have a control HUD to let you match the color of your toes (the only part of the “foot” in the shoe) to the rest of your skin color, and it wasn’t too difficult to use.

Care to join me for a cappuccino?


The details:

Skin:  PXL Candy (sunkissed, nude lips, light eyebrows)
Eyes:  Sterling Artistry Jeweled Eyes (topaz)
Hair:  Pocket Mirrors Cynthia (golden blonde)
Dress:  Prism Amanda Balloon Dress (mesh; Tiger Lily)
Shoes:  J’s Real Toe Wrap Front Sandals (Sand)
Nails:  Mandala HUD nails (short)
Makeup:  Face Paint cat eyeshadow (brown); Glamorize Gentle Breeze lipstick 2; Blacklace Beauty Hi-Gloss lipstick as an overcoat (clear 50%)
Jewelry:  Dahlinks My Lady emerald wedding ring (platinum); EarthStones Tennis Bracelet and Dangle Stud Earrings (champagne diamonds/gold); J’s Watch (black, lady’s)

WindLight:  CalWL (available in Firestorm)

Photographed in Bonin region

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