London City Mod!


If you’re Olympic crazy, like I can be at times, you have to stop in to the host city; you just have to!  Unfortunately, most of my money goes into keeping a RL house over my head, so I chose to visit London City instead.  When I got there, the joint was jumping; over 80 avatars were hanging out around the central Regents Park, with spillover into the other two related sims.  But I still managed to get a few nice shots in.

Being as old as I am, I remember when mod was the latest thing, instead of retro.  Digging through the Marketplace, I found this vinyl dress from Gwen Carillon, great to throw on for a stroll with the lads and lasses around Soho.  (It has a miniprim which doesn’t show well in these shots; if Gwen does a mesh version, I’ll run out to get it!)  An old pair of bi-colored (or should that be “bi-coloured”?) boots from Graves added a nice touch, and I had just picked up some lovely je suis costume jewelry pieces the other day that complemented the whole thing.

The last step:  heavy eye makeup, with eyeliner of the opposite color of course, and this lipstick design from HeadTurners, one of several available.


The details:

  • Skin:  PXL Candy SK NE Nude Lips LEB
  • Hair:  Mirada Sarita (jet black; no longer available)
  • Eyes:  Sterling Aritstry Jeweled Eyes (bright blue)
  • Dress, bracelets, earrings:  Gwen Carillon Designs Twiglette
  • Shoes:  Graves G97 Boots
  • Additional Jewelry:  je suis Brillante necklace and ring
  • Nails:  Mandala scripted nail system (medium)
  • Makeup:  Glamorize Tribal Touch Blacknight eyeshadow; BOOM Liquid Glaze (silver); HeadTurners Wet Shine Monochrome Lipstick 006

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