My Own Land Again

I’ve been gone a lot lately, and part of that, beyond RL commitments, is that I’ve been putting this together.  I’ve taken the plunge again, and this time set out to purposely “buy” another piece of land for myself.  I have a nice site, about a quarter-sim semi-island site, with a rate of 703/$1,800, payable monthly.  This is the most I’ve ever paid for living in Second Life, and it’ll mean less shopping trips; but that’s a good thing, hey?

I purchased a nice little house, pre-furnished, to go on it.  I don’t remember how much this cost, but it was less than L$1,000, with good walking lines inside (no over-tight corners or spiral stairways, etc.).  There’s very little negative I can say about it; about the only real point would be the water feature you can see on the lower deck.  If I can’t remove it when I get around to trying, I may contact the builder and ask them to come pull that part out for me.

The living room is in two parts, with formal seating in front….

…and more informal pillow seating in back around the fireplace.  Seating is adjustable on all axes, so that you can twitch where you are if it looks weird.

There was a bed already in the bedroom (accessible by teleport), but I deleted it in favor of my own.  My SL doesn’t involve those kind of antics, anyway.  I placed my work desk over near the windows by the elevator panel, giving me plenty of light when I’m writing in world.  (The windows are, of course, tintable when I want more privacy, and the doors can lock, controllable from the main panel downstairs.  I wouldn’t mind having a secondary panel upstairs or verbal control, but that wasn’t available, and a cam down to the controls solves the problem.)

I placed my outdoor set from Tropical Sands on the upper deck….

…which overlooks the tops of a quartet of oak trees I placed on the land.  In a moment of insanity, I set the property to auto-return items after 10 minutes, and the landscaping on the lot got shot back to the landlord.  She’s promised to return it, but in the meantime I’m doing some landscaping of my own, such as the small waterfall on the far side of the stream and the cattails and reeds in the notch you see in the midground.

I’ve also added in a few big willow trees; they look pretty, but they also block the visibility of a big prim moon that a neighbor has on their land — nothing terrible, but not something I want to stare at routinely.  The flower bed below the willows and the cherry tree is changeable with the seasons; right now I have it set to fall mums.  In the winter — actually, right after Thanksgiving — it’ll go over to evergreens, and I’ll probably add a Christmas tree for the season.  More landscaping may be in the offing as well, depending on what the landlord has in her return folder; however, she sounds easy with my changing things around some, as long as I don’t leave the place too open to the neighbors.

The lot is large enough for me to add in a photo studio, and I’ve been considering doing this.  Plans aren’t firmed up on that right now; I want to come up with a pleasant and functional design and texturing, so it won’t look like I’ve just slapped down a hollowed-out cube, and I may decide I want all that open lawn after all.  Adding to the complication is that my neighbor on one side is a photographer — with a studio (grin).  It isn’t the kind of studio I’d have, so I wouldn’t be using his.  But, if I opened mine up to the public use, would they get sore over perceived competition?  I like to stay on good relations with the neighbors., after all.  We’ll see.

Any road, it’s nice to get out of a rental archipelago again; where I was wasn’t bad, but there were a lot of units all over the place.  This gives me my own space, with enough prims that I can do a lot of other things here.  It threatens to be a good place to live virtually.

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