You Sleep, You Lose!

Missing Out On Magnificence blog

I was wandering around the new Misali region for a short time today, and ran into two other lovely Residents, Lady Leena Fandango and Sophia Trefusis.  We started exploring together, and found a house down in the central cove that cuts into the heart of the island.  While there, we found this fellow, asleep on his feet — he was Away From Keyboard, you see.  I can’t remember which it was, Sophia or Leena, who suggested we take a few pictures of us surrounding him for giggles.  We even sent him a copy to show him what he missed out on.

Poor guy; you shall remain nameless and forever in our virtual hearts, but you’ll never know what glory you were surrounded by this day….

(L-R:  Lady Leena Fandango, Harper Ganesvoort, a [mercifully] unnamed avatar, and Sophia Trefusis.)


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