Scammer Pulls “Invisi-vendor” Trick at Slink

Photo courtesy of Ulaa Coronet

Photo courtesy of Ulaa Coronet

While running through Plurk this morning, I discovered a replurk from Gidge Uriza that led me to an original message by Ulaa Coronet, warning of a rather nasty scammer pulling a trick at Slink, the line with the insanely popular line of mesh avatar body enhancements by Siddean Munro.  Study this photo taken by Ulaa.  Do you see the larger, invisiprim box surrounding the vendor?  That box is another vendor, which has been rezzed around Siddean’s own vendor, by an avatar identified as Kitten Dover.  When the unsuspecting Resident goes to purchase a set of feet (and hands as well, apparently) from Siddean, they’re actually paying Dover, and then getting a box filled with virtual air.  Dover was able to do this because Siddean kindly allowed people to rezz purchases inside her store.  Dover victimized Siddean thrice, first by stealing from her, then from her customers, and by abusing the trust Siddean put in her customers not to do anything like this.

According to comments to Ulaa’s plurk, Siddean has been reached and is correcting the problem.  Complaints have been filed as well, I believe, although what can be done may be problematic.  Other store owners should pay attention to this, however.  Sadly, this could happen again at any store that allows Residents to build within the store itself.  It’s a nice courtesy to allow purchasers to rezz their box and open it in the store, but it’s no longer really needed, as scripted, self-opening bags are becoming common at many designers across the Grid.  To protect themselves, their customers, and the goodwill they have built toward their brand, store owners should turn off public rezz/build within their store area, except for perhaps a small designated area, such as I’ve seen and used at some other stores.  Purchasers should perhaps check to see if building is enabled inside a store, and (if so) probe the vendor on any popular products.  If a prim similar to what you see in Ulaa’s picture pops up instead, or if the vendor is set to anyone other than the store’s owner or designated employee, do not purchase from that vendor!  Instead, take a photo like the above to document the fraud attempt, and notify the store owner as quickly as possible.  Filing an abuse report with Linden Lab against the fraudster is also recommended.  Remember that the store owner is not at fault in such cases; they’re being victimized as much as you, and stolen from when someone cannot purchase from them.

SUPPLEMENTAL, 12:33 p.m.:  As Roni notes below, Kitten Dover has done a screen-name change to Siddean Munro!  Unless you’re familiar with the real Siddean, be very wary and check the person’s profile.  Linden Lab, take note here!!


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