SL, DH — Same Land, Different House

New House 1 blog

Well, I found a way to break my writing drought — I tore down my old house and bought a new one.

Actually, I don’t recommend that for everyone particularly.  But I had another reason as well — I was getting bored, and a little annoyed, with the house I had been living in.  It was two rooms, one below and one above, and the one above was reachable only by teleport, and that was getting wearing for some reason.  I have the option of a stairway here if I wish to stay purely physical.  This house still has a few issues, mostly (again) related to up-and-down access — the straight stairway is steep, so you fall down instead of walk down, and the spiral stair for going from living room to office and bedroom is too tight, but I can live with these for now.  Since I can modify this house, I may go in for some renovation at some point.

The sad thing is that I didn’t find this house at the Home Expo last week.  I checked out most of the home architects there, but I couldn’t get no satisfaction (sorry, Mick).  Log homes are not my speed, and the things at their one stores were too large, or outside of my price range.  The Home Expo was something of a disappointment this year, and I hope next year’s will be an improvement.

New House 2 blog

In the meantime, instead of dwelling on the negative, why don’t you come on in?  You’ve already seen the exterior, and I like the elevated construction, with the pool and the grassy sitting area downstairs.  I added the steps up to the platform myself, though the physics on my land let me walk up sidewalls with no problem.  You reach the entranceway by a stairwell, and I added my usual Episcopalian touch to the wall near the door:  a small plaque that reads, “Peace to all who enter here.”  The house control panel (including security) is set near the door on the inside.

New House 3 blog

The door leads into a nice entranceway with this big cubical fireplace, and enough room to perhaps use as another place for seating, or as a dining area.  Off to the right is a “great room”-style seating area, to which I added another fireplace with chimney.  The spiral staircase leads up to the next floor….

New House 4 blog

…which I’ve set up in the outer side as an office with my own desk and chaise.  Beyond the door is (obviously) the bedroom.  (The bed came with the house, as did the couches in the great room and the goodies on the lower level.)

The house was built by inVerse, which has a large catalogue of nice houses at very nice prices.  This is the Oslo model, and my cost for all this, including animated furniture (some of which I deleted as “not suited to my life approach”)?  L$299.  Other architects would be charging 10 times that much, and maybe not including the furniture.  As I say, there are a few things that I’d like to work on, but these can be tackled as the spirit moves me.  Others are a function of my choice of building; I have no place to hang a picture in here — ironic for an art dealer — because of all the glass that lets in all that wonderful light.  I’m trying to decide if I’m going to “glue” paintings to the windows.  I may set up a few small freestanding wall panels to solve this instead, but I’ll need to meditate on this after I get familiar with my personal traffic pattern around the house.


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