Heading Back from Israel Island

Heading Back from Israel Island 1

Here I am at the Israel Island airport/welcome area, waiting for the plane back home to Trinidad region.  It was a pleasant second visit, but it’ll be good to return to familiar ground, as always.  I didn’t want to talk about fashion in the last article; the subject just wasn’t something to admit of fluff that time.  (As you could tell, my memories of that visit to the Holocaust Museum, as well as seeing films about the subject, have stayed strongly with me.)  But now that the serious matter is over, I can indulge here before I head down the boarding ramp.

Heading Back from Israel Island 2

Since I’m wearing red hair, the color palette for the clothes is, of course, normally either blue or green.  I’m in Israel, and so that pins it down to blues and white, to resemble the Israeli flag.  I’m wearing some classic here:  the Dhali Bow sandals from Armidi Gisaci, which had a bit of a vogue back when they first came out.  This may be the last appearance for these shoes, as it’s time to start deleting out some of the older stuff from Inventory; but they still look good, and don’t give too much alpha-texture interaction problem.  My earrings are also vintage:  part of the Crystal Elements sets from EarthStones; and my hair is an old style, Leigh, from fri.day, still my day-to-day style when I’m not looking for something more sophisticated.  (The shoes are definitely gone now, while the hair and earrings are both probably no longer available; at least I can’t find listings in the Marketplace, though I haven’t checked at the stores themselves.)

The clothes above the shoes, however, are mesh-fresh; the cigarette pants and top both from Baiastice, while the long draped cardigan was created by Drift.  A note:  you’ll need to go forth from Drift’s store for the cardigan, for it isn’t in stock there yet.  Jump into The Dressing Room Fusion to find this lovely fall sweater.  It’s HUD controlled, and available in either solid (like what I’m wearing here) or a striped version.  Most people also opt for the striped cowl that goes along with the set, but it was too warm, even in the fall in Israel Island, to wear that, so I left it at home.  You’ll need to put up with some alpha break at the shoulder blades, depending on how your AO makes you bend around (mine’s fairly active), but it’s liveable.

Heading Back from Israel Island 3

For some reason, it was hard to get a makeup palette that really pleased me for this outfit.  It must have been the lighting when I was trying on styles, because everything simple up to this point made me look old, tired or hard.  I was on a mission, though, and so showy makeup wasn’t that important; anyway, this is a super-casual look, and doesn’t really desire super thick colors.  I finally chose a simple eyeliner, and a chocolate-colored lipstick.  (I really could have gotten away with just gloss, but I did want some color to the lips.)


The details:

  • Skin:  PXL Faith (SK NE LEB)
  • Eyes:  Sterling Artistry Jeweled Eyes (bright blue)
  • Hair:  fri.day Leigh (Jealous Red; prob. no longer available)
  • Nails:  Mandala HUD nails (short)
  • Top:  Baiastice Luis Sleeveless Shirt (mesh, white)
  • Pants:  Baiastice Cigarette Trousers (mesh, blue)
  • Sweater:  DRIFT Draped Cardigan (mesh, HUD controlled; available at The Dressing Room Fusion)
  • Shoes:  Armidi Gisaci Dhali Bow Platforms (gold; no longer available)
  • Makeup:  Glamorize Dirty Babe Lips (Charred Chocolate); Ben’s Beauty Daily Black Eyeliner
  • Jewelry:  EarthStones Crystal Elements Earring (Water/Silver; prob. no longer available); EarthStones Mosaic Star of David Necklace (Silver)


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