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I don’t recall right now if I’ve mentioned this before, but I recently evaluated finances, and decided I could expand my land holdings.  So, when I discovered that the quarter-sim lot next to mine was up for grabs, I talked to Marina Xi of GlenXi Estates, my landlords, and boosted myself from a quarter to a half-sim.  This gives me plenty of prims for both my starbase operations overhead, and for living below, provided that I don’t go crazy dirtside.  With some changing around of houses and land arrangement, I now have a nice setup in both directions, in space and on the surface.  You’ve seen shots of the starbase before, which will be where I keep my primary offices for this blog, Harper’s Art and Photographs, and other potential operations.  This article talks about my new home setup.

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Marina is responsible for the new terraforming and landscaping.  She moved the multiple waterfalls that faced my previously existing river-lagoon, and dropped the privacy ridge between the two lots; then she added in some more water on the new area.  It’s shallow enough in most spots that I could walk across between patches; but I prefer to keep my feet dry most of the time.  Bending to that, I threw in a few bridges for dryshod crossings.  The new lagoon is where I took my bikini photo the other day on the water-seat, which you can just make out on the pond surface here.  I moved my circle of standing stones across the old river as well, and added in a gazebo for sitting in the outdoors.  I don’t have too many trees on this side yet, but I’m considering doing something about that in the near future.  (I was toying with the idea of occasional ground landings in my starbase’s runabout; however, flying around inside a single 256-meter-squared region isn’t too entertaining.  [More on flying around in the future!])

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Since mutability is the order of life in world, I decided it was time to pull down the old house, despite all the modifications I’d made to improve traffic flow between the different floors in the past year.  It also saved me a hunk of prims that I could devote to projects either above or below.  To replace the house, I bought this model from L2 Studios, who specialize in small houses.  It’s a hell of a drop in floor space — 3 small rooms as opposed to the several great-hall rooms and open concept I had before.  But all that house space is made up for by the multiple levels and rooms on the space station when I move up to orbit; here on the dirt, three rooms for living, surface office and bedroom, plus a nice porch (to which I added a pergola) are quite adequate for now.

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A second advantage to this new house — I have wall space to put up artwork again!  All the window walls on the old house gave me wonderful views, and left nowhere to hang a photo or painting.  (I’m a humanities major, a photographer and an art dealer; art is gonna play a part in my life.)  These new digs are much more intimate, and should serve my needs for some time to come.  And, if I ever tear down the starbase, I have a lovely French provincial house I can put up here in exchange.  (Who knows?  I may do another home spread in the next year [laughing].)

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