What Mighty Obsessions, uh, Oaks….


I just wanted someplace to store all my extra stuff; maybe clean out the Inventory finally.  The only real place to go was up, so I tried out the Exosphere modules; and I began easy….


It was so easy that I started adding more things….

Starbase Elenia

…and more things, and changing things around….


…and I just couldn’t stop!!!

My starbase now takes up about 2,000 of the 3,000 Homestead prims I have; it’s one of those things you just can’t stop tweaking and adding to.  Somehow, though, I’ll need to force myself to to so.  After all, I still need to clean out my Inventory — of a bunch of starbase stuff as well as clothes now!


But also because it takes a lot of maintenance time to keep a starbase running; and I’m only the one avatar, you know.  This is me checking over the sensors at the Landing Center….


…which I’ve customized by adding a sign outside for instructions to landing or docking pilots.  (I’ll need to change the wording on that slightly yet, though….)



I’ve also done some retexturing on the insides.  Eco Chronowire and Brenda Hoisin sell their goodies with a thoroughly “lived-in” look, which I’ve decided to ease somewhat, at least on the inside of the station.  I may get around to redoing the outside of the hull as well, but the artwork on their textures there is very good, and I don’t want to mess around with it too much.


And I’ve also added directory guide boards along the hallways.  Yes, it’s become that sprawling a place.  As you’ll note on the right, I even have an internal transit system added.  (Please don’t tell anyone at Transport for London that I’ve liberated their roundel for my own uses.)


I occasionally use the Commander’s Quarters for myself, but I can’t dim the lights in here, so I tend to use my own apartment more.  (Yes, I spend more time here than on the region surface!)

There’s a use for all of this, though.  As you probably know by now, though I haven’t published anything yet, I write stories.  (They’re based around a group that has discovered alien technology and is using it for the betterment of Earth.)  Some of the action takes place on board a starbase, and this is my model for the story’s base.  I realize I’ll need to prune some of this away at some point….

…but for now, it’s too fun.  And Brenda is working on the latest modules to add, of course!

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