6th Annual Oscar Fashion Photo Contest — Update 2; Red Carpet 2014

The good news is, we have a competition; there’s enough entrants to award all the prizes as scheduled.

The bad news is, there are exactly eight (yes, that’s 8) entries right now.  I’m hoping that this only means everyone is working on their photo.  I usually go through something of a struggle to get entries in at first, as well, at least historically.  It’s still distressing, though, that so few have entered at the three-week mark.  If you haven’t chosen to give it a shot, try this contest once!  There’s no simpler way to have a shot at a slice of nearly 30,000 lindens, and it can be fun.  Click here for this year’s rules.


What did the stars wear to last year’s Academy Awards?  The men, for the most part, were men — dressed up in tuxedos.  The only one that might have stood out, to my memory, was Matthew McConaughey; the Best Actor winner stood out somewhat in his white jacket and easy Texas attitude.  Far more prominent, though, and as usual, were the ladies.  Here are just a few examples from the many.  Attend, mes amis.  (All photos from InStyle magazine Web site.)


Lupita Nyong’o stole the night in many ways, as she stole the fashion race throughout her first year in the top ranks of Hollywood actresses.  She won Best Supporting Actress for her role in 12 Years a Slave, and became the fashion reporters’ darling in this pale blue Prada gown.


Jennifer Lawrence, as the previous year’s Best Actress, presented the Best Actor award in 2014; (a) she managed to trip over a traffic cone after alighting from her limousine, nearly duplicating her famous fall as she was ascending the stairs to accept the award the previous year; and (b) she wowed everyone again in a bright red strapless dress from her favorite designer, Dior.  The back-duster necklace was by David Lane.


Another Dior partisan, Charlize Theron, accompanied her black gown with some serious ice by Harry Winston.


Amy Adams was something of my favorite, aside from Jennifer Lawrence.  She had been channeling old-Hollywood glamour all the award season, and matched it in a strapless midnight-blue Gucci.


Midnight blue again, this time by Sandra Bullock in a nicely draped Alexander McQueen dress and draping curls down one shoulder.


Anne Hathaway is apparently never afraid to take chances in fashion.  As I recall, opinions were somewhat split over this black Gucci gown with a bodice of triangular silver plates.


Emma Watson isn’t afraid to take chances either, but went safe in a Vera Wang gown with a nice styling to her short bobbed hair.

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