Speak Again the Name

It is said that, when a person’s name is spoken or thought, then that person shall have life eternal, no matter when they may have lived, no matter when they may have died.

Serena Barbuda 1

The name of Hatshepsut has been spoken many a time over the centuries. It is said by some that, when the stars of the Body of Nut are aligned correctly, that you can see, as through a mist, the land about her funerary temple transformed, and the ka of the great queen herself shall again walk the sands of the land she knew and ruled….

Serena Barbuda 2


The details:

1 This was the national costume for Miss Virtual World Egypt 2014.

2 This is one of the oldest surviving costume vendors I know of in Second Life; their store was around back when I first rezzed up in 2007. It hasn’t been updated in a dog’s age, but the Map still shows it there.


Photographed in Serena Barbuda region; this is a build in small of the actual funerary temple of Queen Hatshepsut.  I cannot guarantee that it will be open for examination if you visit this SLurl beyond maybe a week or two from publication, as the owner is still working on it.  (Myself, I think it’s already very good.)  By popular request, Eve Kazan has opened the land to visitors for a short time.  Thanks to Hamlet Au at New World Notes.

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