My Own Home

I finally feel comfortable enough that I’ve gone ahead and took out a rental house, at a place called Footprints In the Sand.  Hanging out at Harper’s island is nice, and she’s told me I’m welcome to come back any time; but one longs for a place of your own, your own “plot o’ ground,” so to speak, even if you’re renting it.

So this is mine:  a three-“room” beach house on an open concept in the front two rooms, for a very reasonable rent.  There’s no lock to the door, but the security orb under the house is vicious, and will give you the boot in 90 seconds unless you’re on its list.  And if you’re not standing on the land, nobody can see through the windows.  Paranoid?  Don’t trust the windows?  Get some curtains!

I furnished the living room with a set from the current, Retro round of Swank, made by Serendipity Designs, while my bed and a pair of matching side tables you can’t see here come from Park Place Home Decor.  I’ll need to forego a vanity for now, but I’m keeping my eye on another property in the sim with more prims, and I’ll throw down some rent on that if it becomes available.

The kitchen-dining room is also a combo of decorations.  The “chandelier” on the wall is actually part of the living room set.  The table, four chairs, teapot and microwave oven on cart were bought at The Loft, while the mini-style retro kitchen I’m cooking in is from Trompe Loeil.

And that’s got it; a comfortable little seaside home in less than 125 prims.  Hmmm; I may still be able to fit in that vanity table if I do some cagey shopping ….



I’m wearing:

  • Head: Akeruka Monika
  • Body: Maitreya Lara 4.1
  • Eyes: IKON Sovereign eyes (Passion)
  • Hair: enVOGUE Arianna
  • Hands: Vista ProHands
  • Feet: SLink Avatar Enhancement feet 1.2.5
  • Outfit: Asteria Sakura top/pants (Navy/Lined Navy)
  • Shoes: KC Couture Esther
  • Jewelry: Lazuri Renata stud earrings
  • Makeup:
    • Eyeshadow: alaskametro Cleo (Lapiz)
    • Lipstick: SlackGirl NeNe (slot 1)

Photographed in Entre Mares region

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