Morgan in London City

Morgan Vanderzwaan is brand new to Second Life, unlike “Old Hands” like me, or even Jem, who’s been in a few years now.  (And I can never get her to write a rezz-day piece, hint hint!)  She’s gradually starting to build a wardrobe that goes along with her style, which is a little edgier than ours at times, I’ve noticed.  But she still goes for taste and elegance for the most part.  (I think she’s younger than us, but we haven’t traded personal information like that yet.)

We’re working with her to develop her style and get her Inventory going, both for herself and for the blog, and she spotted this ensemble by Diram on the Marketplace that was absolutely fantastic.  It looks like the in-world store is gone; but the Marketplace store still does its thing.1  The purchase was made, and here Morgan stands, tripping down the winter streets of London City.  (Yes, it’s winter in London City; Morgan just shot the photos on a clean street, but the nearby Hyde Park section is snow-covered.)

You don’t need the fur coat that is a separate purchase (geared to this outfit).  Morgan2 was kind enough to include a shot of herself without it — freezing herself in the process, I’m sure (grin).

  • 1 Have you ever wondered how many hundreds of thousands of lindens are lying in inactive or abandoned accounts?  If we could just get a slice of that pot, oh the spending spree that would result ….
  • 2 I really need to talk to Morgan about coming up with a name that doesn’t have a decent nickname.  (Grrrr)


The details:

Morgan is wearing:

  • Head: LAQ Zahra 3.05 (Bento)
  • Full body: Maitreya Lara 4.1
  • Eyes: IKON Triumph (Chocolate)
  • Hair: rezology Quiff
  • Outfit, including hat and fur: Diram Lexie (available only through Marketplace; Diram appears to have gone out of business, but the creator’s Marketplace store is still active.)
  • Shoes: KC Couture Darcy
  • Accessories: kunst Old Cigarette Holder; EarthStones Half & Half suite (necklace, bracelets, earrings); L’Emporio Bento short gloves; David Heather Skalidi assymetrical clutch (Mahogany)
  • Eyeshadow: Pink Fuel Hyper Glitz (LAQ, Dark purple)
  • Lipstick: Beauty by Entice One Kiss (Multi-HUD, slot 3)
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