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8th Annual Oscar Fashion Photo Contest — Update 3; What We Would Wear

Last normal update before the contest closes in a few weeks.  The good news is that we have enough entries for a contest.  The bad news is that there’s only 13 entries so far.  That’s way down from past years.  I always work hard to get the word out, but it doesn’t seem to be taking this year.  So I’m calling on all of you who haven’t entered yet, or who haven’t written anything up on the contest this year — help me out.  I want to have the toughest judging year in the eight-year run of this contest!  Start submitting entries to the group, and spread the word!  With 50 grand in linden dollars up for grabs, half to the winner, it’s worth the time to enter — you’ll be able to afford a couple of Catwa heads and a substantial makeup suite, and still have money left over for a new dress!  Plus fame and fortune (at least within Second Life).  So enter now, and get the word out!!!



Jem and I managed to snag a good box at the theatre for this year’s Academy Awards.  And, even though we weren’t nominated for anything, well, this is the Oscars.  You dress to the nines for this show!

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8th Annual Oscar Fashion Photo Contest — Update 2; Last Year’s RL Red Carpet

OFPC teaser 2

Can you rock the red carpet and get your name into this envelope? You still have time.
For the first seven callers, we offer at no additional cost, fame, fortune and 15 minutes in the limelight!!!

This year’s entries for the OFPC can be described by an adjective a writer of my acquaintance used to refer to international mail in the 1970s and 1980s:  “lentitudinous.”  I can’t find a formal definition, even in Oxford, but I’ve always taken it to be a £50 way to say “sluggish.”  This point in the competition always drives me up the wall, and makes me start worrying that I’ll have a small pack to judge.  I’d rather have scads of entries than a mere handful.  That sends me off into the convoluted coils of Flickr, looking for evening gown shots that aren’t necessarily on theme, but might be contenders.

Please keep me from buying a bottle of St. John’s wort this year.  You still have time to enter!  Of course, you should do so only if you want a shot at L$25,000 and an opportunity to bask in Hollywood-like glory for a time.  You know how to find the rules (grin).  And, if you’re on Flickr and get an invitation from me to enter, don’t turn it down.  It’s no guarantee of placement; I give the invitation to anyone who has a likely looking photo.  But it is an encouragement to take your shot — or do another shot, and submit that one officially!

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8th Annual Oscar Fashion Photo Contest Announcement


With thanks, as ever, to the Rose Theatre in Angel Manor for the ability to borrow their lavish halls.

The time has come once again, boys and girls! The Flickr group is open for submissions of your finest evening gown photos, and the speculation is growing — who will be the best-dressed avatar on the Hollywood red carpet when the Academy Awards are handed out? Around the Grid is accepting submissions for its 8th Annual Oscar Fashion Photo Contest!!

The contest group will open for submissions once this article is published, and the prize pool has been placed in escrow (so to speak). Time to talk to your stylists, find your hairdresser and book an appointment, call in favors at the jewelry stores, and decide what you would wear if you became a nominee for the little gold man. For those considered outstanding in their evening couture and artistic portrayal, there shall be (15 minutes of) fame, (a bit of) fortune, and hopefully fun in playing the game.

Entry is free; just submit a photo to the appropriate group on Flickr, or leave a comment with a link to your photo.  (However, make sure to read all the rules, okay?)  The prize pool is again guaranteed at over L$50,000.  That’s right, fifty thousand lindens!  First place will receive L$25,000.  So, if you want a chance at filling your virtual closet at my expense, come on and enter!

Turn the page for the complete rules.

Hair Fair Photo Contest 2016

This will be my first Hair Fair; it oughta be interesting!

Hair Fair

Hair Fair Photo Contest Poster


By submitting your images to the contest you give the Hair Fair 2016 committee the permission to use your photos in world, as well as on the website in a ‘winners’ capacity if they are chosen as such.

NO NUDITY or sexually explicit images, no female nipple exposure (including sheer clothing). This is a contest for a charity event for children. The committee has the final say on all images approved or declined.

All contest entries are done by submitting your pictures to the Hair Fair Photo Contest 2016 Flickr Group pool.


This years photo contest theme is ‘Whatever the Weather’. We want to see your use of fantastic hairstyles that show you having fun in the sun, coping with the rain, dealing with a storm, or joy at falling snow. However you can show off your great hairstyles and give them a weather type look is what we…

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7th Annual Oscar Fashion Photo Contest — And the Winners Are….

Writing from Kissimmee, Florida —

The judging is over, and it was fun.  There were lots of great submissions this year — 48, if I have my count correct — and the quality was excellent.  That was helped along by lots of great gowns this season from the designers, of course; but the creativity of the models and photographers really shone as well.  We had to agonize some over which ones worked better for the theme, or if we had the best ordering of awards.  As always, we do our best, and we hope you’ll agree with our choices.

Turn the page for this year’s winners.

OFPC EXTRA — At Last I’m Home

Home Again

Thank you all for your patience; I’m finally back home from the brother’s wedding in Orlando, and at a computer I can use decently.

And why couldn’t I take my laptop, you may ask?  Well, we were only going for two days, and we wanted to travel light.  Not to mention, since we were flying down, there’d be that much less hassle at the TSA checkpoint in the airport.  (That didn’t help much on the flight back today; we just barely made the flight out of MCO, because MCO is one of the busier airports in the country, what with Walt Disney World et al.)  I planned to get around that by using the computer in the hotel business center.  The computers in the business center, however, (when I finally found the place) were still running Windows XP; and, of course, they only had Internet Exploiter, uh Exploder, uh, Explorer for a browser.  Once I managed to finally log in to Yahoo, the poor program couldn’t keep up with modern-day Flickr’s insanely intense interface.

Indeed, not to put too fine a point on it, the terminal crashed.  Hard.

Fortunately, the quickly convened kangaroo court ruled in my favor– (WHACK!!!)

Okay, okay; geez.  The computer rebooted itself; but it was obviously useless, and I can’t do any group control through the Flickr apps.  So everyone got an extra 36 hours (I think) to get their submissions in.  The result is a nice treasure trove of entries, which will keep me busy during the next week or so, past the time I’m in Orlando again for this year’s Orlando City SC home opener.  Hey, what can I say?  I know I promised no more soccer in this blog, but I’m a ball-kickin’ girl — and have you seen pictures of our Brazilian wonder worker, Kaká???  Yum!  But I won’t be wearing purple and drowning in OCSC every moment of this visit; and some of the time will be spent working on the cut for the contest.  Results, based on past performance, should be in by March 15, if not sooner.  I may even write the awards article while at the hotel.  Since I’ll be driving down instead of flying — this is my Christmas-retail-worker-recovery vacation — I’ll carry my laptop; if they have an Ethernet jack in the room or somewhere I can get to one, I may even be able to distribute the prizes!

So cross your fingers, people.  It could happen to you….

In the meantime, I give you something to contemplate — and smile secretly over.


And again I say — YUM!

signature 3

7th Oscar Fashion Photo Contest – Final Update and Our Gowns

Notice: graphics intensive

There’s three days left to the Oscars ceremony on February 28, and we have a good selection of entries so far for the blog’s Oscar Fashion Photo Contest. But there’s always room for more. This is your last call – there’s fifty grand in cash prizes (in lindens) to the placing photos, and L$25,000 goes to first place; so get your entries in now!

One note: submission cutoff will be extended past the usual midnight SLT deadline, as I’ve been called to Orlando for a family event over the weekend. I won’t be able to lock the group, as I normally would. So you folk will benefit; anyone who hasn’t been out for their photo shoot will have maybe four to five extra hours max to submit. Use the time well, grasshoppers!


Turn the page for short fiction, and photos of what Jem and I will be wearing this year!

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