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Choice of Word on SL Official Site Prompts NWN Discussion

flap (n:  sense 6a): a state of excitement or agitation.

Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary

Linden Lab recently updated the Second Life Web site; and, in a scrolling Flash window, we get this little piece:

Looking for counterculture? Second Life is also full of furries, ninjas, steampunk balls and an enormous virtual recreation of Burning Man. Thousands of vampires seek victims alongside wandering elves, marauding cyberpunks and club-going Goths. Come join the party.

Hamlet Au noticed this as he was reviewing the new site — which site is an impressive piece of work, I’ll say, though I have a peeve about one part myself that I’ll touch in another article — and wrote about it in New World Notes.  This has kicked off a discussion in the article’s Comments section about the appropriateness of the word counterculture to describe the many subgroups that inhabit a goodly chunk of the Grid.  (Please read the article before weighing in yourself!)

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Ewing Fashion Agency Design Awards

The Ewing Fashion Agency held its 2008 Design Awards on January 20th. While I was unable to attend, I had some interest in this season; 1, it was my first season in Second Life; and 2, I had purchased nominated items from two of the designers in the competition.

And I’m very glad to say that both of my nominees won! Personal congratulations go out to Ann Otoole for her Andromeda gown, which I wrote up and modeled as one of the holiday trio between Christmas and New Year’s Day; and to Digit Darkes for her wild Cher-like mohawk hair called Defiance, which I just couldn’t resist! And a batch of general congratulations and best wishes to all of the winners.

Andromeda, by Ann Otoole and Unique Needs

Andromeda, by Ann Otoole

Defiant, by Digit Darkes

Defiant, by Digit Darkes

Defiant, by Digit Darkes (gold catsuit by Nicky Ree)

Fashion for the Holidays

Let’s face it; I’m a fashionista at heart. In the daytime, I can knock around in a T-shirt and jeans (sometimes supplemented by an “intelligent” Oracle cloak from Avilion Mist). Although I am considering adding in some proper daytime suits (grin). But at night…. Well, let me quote from a story by a writer I’ve found online (with permission):

[F]estive gowns were the largest part of the catalogue. Dannta explained it this way: “Work mostly takes place in the light of day, and is done well and to your best ability, and its clothing reflects that utilitarian time; colors change, but the basics don’t. So it is, to a lesser degree, with other clothing of the day.

“But the night is a time of relaxation, of celebration. The work of the day is done for the most part, and you rejoice in its good completion. Your friends are at hand, and you enjoy their company. There are arts to be patronized, entertainments to see, children to play with, parties to attend, and love to make with your lover. The creativity of the dress reflects that change in mood, for creativity lives in dreams, and dreams live in the night.”

I agree with that philosophy, and I try to uphold it in this place, where such a life is easily possible.

When I see a fantastic new gown, it’s hard to resist buying it right off. (I usually give in [sigh].) So, when I spotted these gowns while tag-surfing through SL fashion blogs and articles, I just had to rush out and snaffle them. They come from several different designers: two not so well known (at least I think they aren’t, but they should be for this work) — and, sadly, one who is not among us anymore. I’m modeling them here in photos I shot in a photosphere park.

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