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“Common clay must go through the heat and fire of the furnace to become porcelain. But once porcelain , it can never become clay again.”

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2013 Oscar Fashion Photo Contest — What I’d Wear

Overture, Curtain, Lights 1

I’m not eligible for my own contest, naturally; that wouldn’t be fair, and would defeat the whole purpose of this thing.  But, if I was competing in someone else’s contest for a chance at a slice of L$11,000 in prizes, what would I wear?  Hmmm….

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Review — Prim Lashes by Miamai

Prim lashes are both blessed and cursed by Residents, mostly by the female avatars.  They improve our looks tremendously, and give variation to an appearance.  They’re often relatively inexpensive, and attach onto face points that aren’t often used (unless you’re wearing a hat or something else on your head.)  On the down side, they need adjustment to fit, a fiddly process that for many never quite works and that can tax the patience; and they usually can be seen floating a centimeter or so from the eyelids if you turn your head to the side.  Most lashes use invisible alpha-channel textures, as well, which brings its own problems familiar to many working with high-heel shoes in world.

Miamai now introduces something I haven’t seen before:  prim lashes.  That is, lashes made totally out of prims.  No single-sheet units with alpha textures here; each hair is an individual hair.  monica Outlander has released nine sets so far at L$150 each for your consumption.  I subscribe to updates from Miamai, so I went to the main store to check this out.  I was not alone, either — runway model Mui Mukerji was also in the store, having received the notice as well, and many more ladies arrived soon after.  The following is my opinion only, I should point out, coming from trying on two different sets, one for more casual wear, one looking like it’s meant for sheer glamour (as well as runway and modeling work).  I did, however, discuss these some with Mui, and that will be noted where it appears.

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