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Lunchtime at FFL Tokyo

Lunchtime at FFL Tokyo

There’s even rice balls; very nice!

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SL Sartorialist — Enwa Ernor

SL Sartorialist -- Enwa Ernor

I spotted Enwa last night while shopping at Zaara.  A lovely day combo here of a ruffled top with a bold print skirt.

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SL Sartorialist — DeepHouse Babii

DeepHouse Babii at FaMESHed

I spotted DeepHouse Babii at FaMESHed while looking around for a few goodies in this month’s sales.  I loved the outfit so much that I grilled her on it (politely!).  The dress is Borona, a latex number by CorinS, and the boots are Hucci Akita.  Both are available in the Marketplace, but you can also get the boots in world; I haven’t found a physical store for CorinS yet.  The simple lines, hair and makeup just goes together wonderfully for a classic look that will never go out of style — even in latex.

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SL Sartorialist — At Lazuri Jewelry

Yariss Rau in PM Caoimhe

Lazuri is a place where you find lots of big, Important Jewelry — a little fruity on that phrase, but not much here can be worn with a T-shirt and a pair of jeans.  Of course, you can shop there in a T-shirt and jeans; and I was there in a winter jacket and boots.  But lots of women looking for something to fit with their gowns will stop in to try on demos and make a selection, and that’s what I am guessing Yariss Rau was doing.  I so loved this gown that I checked the origin:  PurpleMoon’s Caoimhe dress, named after Caoimhe Lionheart, the “retired” model (even Cao laughs at that, she’s so busy yet).  Next chance, I’ll probably be getting that dress for my own collection.


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SL Sartorialist At Baiastice

Louise-Cecile d'Amblise, Duchesse de Fraisac (also known as Blair Naverre), seen in Baiastice in an excellent ensemble that smacks of Prism knits to me.

Louise-Cecile d’Amblise, Duchesse de Fraisac (also known as Blair Naverre), seen in Baiastice in an excellent ensemble that smacks of Prism knits to me.


You Sleep, You Lose!

Missing Out On Magnificence blog

I was wandering around the new Misali region for a short time today, and ran into two other lovely Residents, Lady Leena Fandango and Sophia Trefusis.  We started exploring together, and found a house down in the central cove that cuts into the heart of the island.  While there, we found this fellow, asleep on his feet — he was Away From Keyboard, you see.  I can’t remember which it was, Sophia or Leena, who suggested we take a few pictures of us surrounding him for giggles.  We even sent him a copy to show him what he missed out on.

Poor guy; you shall remain nameless and forever in our virtual hearts, but you’ll never know what glory you were surrounded by this day….

(L-R:  Lady Leena Fandango, Harper Ganesvoort, a [mercifully] unnamed avatar, and Sophia Trefusis.)


Candid Camera At the Vintage Fair

Submitted for your consideration:  a small collection of photos from this year’s Vintage Fair.  It’s almost always fun to see what someone wears to events like the Fairs; do you go with the theme, or do you break out on your own?  This year’s crop were mostly independent and quite casual, though there’s one floaty gown in here, and someone is wearing very reminiscent of the Fifties.

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