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Rumor has it… (via What *IS* Willis Talking About?)

Excellent news on this! Elika Tiramisu’s ETD hair was my first really good hair back in my “younger” days (2007-early 2008), and to have the chance to buy from her again is great. Read on, and take a look at the photos.


Rumor has it... ..that a lil hair making birdy is (kinda sorta) BACK IN TOWN BABY…. Elika has revealed her renamed brand – Elikatira (or [e] for short!).  She is dipping her lil toesies back into the pool by releasing two SL Marketplace EXCLUSIVES – Fresh and Rumor – hairs she has created for herself but is now offering to us too! :D Don’t get too excited, Elikatira isn’t open (there is no store :o) but I think it’s really great to see Elika back, as i’m sure … Read More

via What *IS* Willis Talking About?


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Ever’thing Green an’ Lovely

Since my computer was on the fritz again up until Wednesday afternoon, and I never got around to getting back in world after I got it home and hooked up, I never got a chance to wear what I’d planned on for Saint Patrick’s Day (sigh).  Don’t it just frost you?

But that doesn’t mean I can’t share it with you, can I?

For a daytime casual look, I decided to echo the theme of the Irish tricolor — or at least 2/3 of it.  I tried on a white wig, but was displeased with the effect, so I went back to the red of a true Irish colleen.  I did some hunting on XStreet, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, to find a green top — in this case, the top from a gown in a silk brocade — and a pair of orange pants.  I was thinking of something a little plainer than this bodice, but it works quite nicely instead, giving the strapless corseted look that we all love so much.  The pumps make for an alternating color scheme; and, for the final touch, I’m wearing alternating green and “orange” (actually coral) jewelry, switching colors from the earrings to the bracelets.

  • Top: Preciouss’ Things Danielle (bodice from an evening gown)
  • Pants: DeLa Diva “Irina” pants (orange)
  • Hair: Jules (Jealous Red)
  • Nails: Skin Within Vixen manicure/pedicure
  • Shoes: Ivanka Akina Eternity pumps (green)
  • Jewelry: Zaara Kaya in malachite and coral — one earring and one set of bracelets from each color, alternating.
  • Glasses: epoque Swan shades (“loud” color; script-set to green frames, clear lenses)

And for the night, how about this…!

The gown is a green-and-white version of Astrid, a new dress from Clio, one of my favorite designers so far.  Clio Cardiff comes up with clean, lovely designs that are still wonderful, sophisticated and sexy.  For instance, this gown’s top is cut way low, but the shaping doesn’t leave half of my boobs hanging out, while still giving a provocative look at the cleavage.  Want an extra touch of femininity?  Add the bow attachment to the halter strap.  (It’s nice and flexible, which made for some great photographs!)

For the jewels, I decided to go dramatic and big, and chose these emeralds from my recent run through the Accessory Fair.  They’re made by GaNKeD, a store which is getting a lot of attention recently for some really sensational jewelry.  I wanted an extra splash, so I chose one of the “handrings” from the Hydra series by Rozoregalia.

  • Gown: Clio Astrid (green/white, with opera gloves)
  • Shoes: As above
  • Hair: ETD Cadey (copper; I’m not sure if Elika still sells this)
  • Jewelry: GaNKeD Jealousy suite (necklace, bracelet, earrings — emeralds in gold); Rozoregalia Hydra handrings (right wrist)

Photographed at my Secret Photo Studio at my art store in Desire region

Zaara Pashmina Shawls

At the end of our last exciting episode — in the comments of the last article, in other words — I was moaning (but with a grin) about Cajsa Lilliehook beating me out.  I was planning on writing about a lovely bit of couture from Zaara Kohime, who’s rapidly becoming one of my favorite designers, but Cajsa got there first.  Cajsa encouraged me to go ahead and do my piece, though, saying such good stuff should get all the notice it can.  And Zaara’s Pashmina shawls certainly deserve the attention.  (In fact, I’ve just placed her in my picks — something I don’t do much of!)

So click the thumbnails and behold quality that’s worth every linden:

(Colors in the pictures: berry blue, bottle green, peach & cream, sky)

Once again Zaara’s  choice in fabrics is sensational.  And her sense of detail is impeccable, from the fringe on the ends to the draping across your body.  I had only one out of this series I bought that I had to twitch into position, so as to keep a breast from poking through.  As for the uses, a scarf like this makes a nice accent to any good day dress or business suit.  You can combine with solids, or do as the Indians do and Cajsa demonstrated in the second of her two articles (#1 / #2), and combine with another pattern for effect.  (I wasn’t brave enough for that, but perhaps in the future!)

The shawls come in 12 colors, and can be purchased individually, in fatpacks of six each, or the entire collection together in a mega-pack — the last is a little pricey (L$1,950), but the savings are also mega, and the quality of the work makes it worth it.

  • Dress:  G.L.A.M. Luxe “Lita” w/ gold tights
  • Nails:  Sin Skins Glitter Burgundy
  • Eyes:  Virtual Impressions Shine green
  • Hair:  ETD Maaliyah (blackened cinnamon)
  • Shoes:  Biddle Boots full sculpties, black

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Playing Chess with Fabric at Zaara (updated)

In the high and far-off time, O Best Beloved, the game of chess was better known as Chaturanga to the Indians, and later to the Persians and perhaps the Moguls as Shatranj.  The game has descended to us across thousands of years under various names, but the old name is remembered.  And Zaara has drawn inspiration from it and the game to create this lovely piece.

(The pictures are thumbnails; click through for larger versions.)

Shatranj 1 Shatranj 2

This is a delicious confection in black and white silk, with gold embroidery.  You’ll even find tiny blue dots in the gold; this is the quality of the material used at this designer.  Zaara has absolutely lovely fabrics, and look how the ghagra skirt flows!  I wish it were possible to have some motion shots here, but I can’t take machinima worth beans, so you have to be satisfied with the implication here.

Shatranj 3

The top goes along with the skirt, of course, and shows the fabric even better.  It looks like there’s spots of gold along the edging as “embroidery”; note how it runs up the white cup there.  There is also a dupatta, a gold tulle or net drape that I though I was wearing when I shot these; but it somehow fell off.  Go to Zaara’s store and take a look at the vendor on the second floor!  It comes in two forms — straight over one shoulder, or falling across your body in front.

Along with this, I’m wearing more Indian goodies:  Yak & Yeti’s Devdras glass bangles (another Yak & Yeti freebie, if I remember); and something not Indian:  the Fleur diamond and pearl earrings in gold from Virtual Impressions.  My shoes are gold slingbacks from Armidi (you can’t see them), and my hair is Tiana from ETD (blackened copper).

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Pulling (Virtual) Hair

There’s been a hair sale happening at ETD’s main store, and I had a chance to get in and fill many of my hair needs for some time (at least for normal hair [grin]). Elika Tiramisu does a fantastic job with prim hair, and it’s easy to see why she’s so popular.

Oh, you want proof? Well, when I materialized at Elika’s landing site, the sim’s server was screaming for mercy. The only thing extra I wore that would add to lag was a walk AO, and I was still moving like I was immersed in hot, sludgy taffy. You couldn’t really tell it, due to the amounts of open space in the store; but that hair department was (virtually) packed.

I am, fortunately, used to “wading” through these situations now…. With patience and a bit of flying (and judicious use of a machete) to take in the large tri-tiered displays, I picked my way through and snapped up some real bargains on fatpacks. I ran into friends from Frank’s Place as well. (Indeed, it was Nanceee Sinatra who twigged me to the sale, while I was having my morning coffee at The Blarney Stone in Dublin.) I bumped into Laceminx Lane and her friend Jasper; and Jaidyn Hartsdale was beneath me on the ground one time. I want to say Mistress Howlett was there as well, but I can’t remember now. Of course, emerging from sales like that with your life is an accomplishment, so I’m not complaining about memory lapses.

I managed to snap some images during the visit, but it wasn’t easy since the lag was so beyond compare, and the resulting photos are small. However, for a brief taste of the manner of folk on hand this day:

Tuyuko Kamachi Tuyuko Kamachi, after some translator work, very kindly consented to having her photo taken. I like the combination of purple miniskirt and the tall boots!

Rumour Mills Rumour Mills demonstrates that love of beautiful hair crosses species boundaries (grin). Those wings are very nice; if I get an avatar for one of the fantasy sims sometime, I might send her a note as to where they come from.

Aun Darkstone And Aun Darkstone shows that it crosses reality boundaries as well! (That’s me to the left, but that’s not any of Elika’s hair; it comes from Sinsation in Hairspray.)

Semi Gray Semi Gray wears the nicest of futuristic “classic” lines, so to speak.

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