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A Sample from Paper Couture Spring 2008 Collection

Aleida at the Ewing Fashion Agency blog has sampled the spring 2008 catalogue from Paper Couture, and written about it here:

Paper Couture – Spring 2008 « Ewing Fashion Agency

The two ensembles she illustrates are definitely to die for — especially that picture hat! It’s a pity I don’t go anyplace where such a hat would be in good taste to wear; but it’s still tempting to go get it.

Ewing Fashion Agency Design Awards

The Ewing Fashion Agency held its 2008 Design Awards on January 20th. While I was unable to attend, I had some interest in this season; 1, it was my first season in Second Life; and 2, I had purchased nominated items from two of the designers in the competition.

And I’m very glad to say that both of my nominees won! Personal congratulations go out to Ann Otoole for her Andromeda gown, which I wrote up and modeled as one of the holiday trio between Christmas and New Year’s Day; and to Digit Darkes for her wild Cher-like mohawk hair called Defiance, which I just couldn’t resist! And a batch of general congratulations and best wishes to all of the winners.

Andromeda, by Ann Otoole and Unique Needs

Andromeda, by Ann Otoole

Defiant, by Digit Darkes

Defiant, by Digit Darkes

Defiant, by Digit Darkes (gold catsuit by Nicky Ree)

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