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This statue honoring Fred Rogers is more formally titled “Tribute to Children.”  Rogers would have preferred it that way ….  It stands on the North Shore area of Pittsburgh, near where the Allegheny River joins the Monongahela to form the Ohio River.

Google has a new Doodle today, one that I take personal pleasure in for one or two reasons.  I used to live in Pennsylvania, several counties north of Pittsburgh; and, when I lived in Florida, I attended Rollins College.  How connected, you ask?

They’re connected via Fred McFeely Rogers, of course.  Google’s Doodle celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first taping of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood (back then it was actually “Misterogers”).

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Important New E-mail Development

A break from Second Life coverage to let you know that Google announced today the opening of a new advancement in electronic mail: Google Custom Time.

looF lirpA!

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Posted April 1, 2008 by Harper Ganesvoort in Real Life

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