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Searching for Summerfest

Searching for Summerfest

Actually, you don’t need to search that hard; Summerfest 2015 is easy to find.  Just teleport there. And you can do a few more things than just shop your brains out; take a float on the rafts in the sea, or a swim in the pool I found there.  I think I saw something about music at some point, so check any listings that may be available.

You Gotta Be Kidding Me

But please do remember the clothing regulations….

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Home Again

Home 1

I don’t recall right now if I’ve mentioned this before, but I recently evaluated finances, and decided I could expand my land holdings.  So, when I discovered that the quarter-sim lot next to mine was up for grabs, I talked to Marina Xi of GlenXi Estates, my landlords, and boosted myself from a quarter to a half-sim.  This gives me plenty of prims for both my starbase operations overhead, and for living below, provided that I don’t go crazy dirtside.  With some changing around of houses and land arrangement, I now have a nice setup in both directions, in space and on the surface.  You’ve seen shots of the starbase before, which will be where I keep my primary offices for this blog, Harper’s Art and Photographs, and other potential operations.  This article talks about my new home setup.

Turn the page for more photos.

Ele Newell’s New Store

Many readers have seen me praise the work of Ele Newell, the owner and designer of The Oh! Factor. (Her Adagio gown was one of the three I modeled in my holiday fashion article last Christmas.) Ele’s also has written her own blog, SubliminaLuminations, which is a good read to keep track of her fashion work.

But lately, Ele and a friend, Fox Obviate, have been working in a new, different direction: goods for tinies. Ele likes dressing as a tiny when she isn’t in her “own” skin, and she’s taken to filling the needs of fellow tines for conspicuous consumption with a vengeance (grin). The result is that she’s announced the grand opening this weekend of Tiny TAMA Lifestyle, “a tiny slice of oriental flavor for your home.” If you have any interest in this sub-world on the Grid, check out the store! Fox’ and Ele’s work is excellent. Click here for a sample look….

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A Shamelessly Commercial Notice

Announcing, with a tasteful fanfare of trumpets, the opening of:

Harper\'s Fine Art and Photographs

my new store in OnRez.  My collection of quality RL works for your purchase (at prices below £250) is small at this time — only 11 items — but I find more work to frame and offer for sale almost every day.  I’m currently working on a collection of portraits and scenes by John Singer Sargent, and I already have several items related to the 1920s for your examination.  As the collection grows, I plan to offer fatpacks of multiple items at discount for mass purchase.  (If my own photography in SL improves, I may start offering my own work as well — and I could consider acting as agent for others, on a commission basis.)

Have bare walls?  Looking for gifts?  Come to Harper’s Fine Art and Photographs! I’ll be glad to work with you.  Commissions accepted, beginning at £350.  (No pornography, please).

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Full-Sim Movin’ Day Blues — with a Happy Outcome

So, as I was saying, I’ve moved again. And thereby hangs a tale….

I started out in my early days in a crackerjack little skybox that had malfunctioning doors on the upper level; after the first few days in residence, I never could get out to my own patio. Next came the famous apartment in Dunyvaig region, with a wonderful glass wall and roof. But the sleeping loft had a very low ceiling, forcing me to twitch my camera whenever I teleported upstairs. I finally got fed up with that, and ran off to a pair of friends.

Those friends were Gymmy and Nanceee Sinatra, the owners of Frank’s Place in Oasis Resort (Around the Grid, Web site). They had recently built a set of spacious apartments on the unused portion of their island; after a good examination of the place, I snagged a loft. This had two large circular rooms, with balconies on three sides. An elevator serviced all five floors of the block. I stayed there for a month and a half — and then the Sinatras asked if I could move to the block at the far end of the island. Due to the growing popularity of Frank’s, they were trying to improve lag time on the sim by clearing ground.

I’m uncertain if my moving helped out the club, but the increase in average population in the region didn’t help me much. When the lag became so bad that I couldn’t teleport any farther than the next island — and frequently crashed the client in the process — I knew it was time to split. Nanceee and Gymmy are good friends, and it was a wrench to tell them I was moving; but I wanted to improve the situation. Two days of hunting produced the place that I now call my SL home.

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