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New Machinima by Rysan Fall

When Hamlet Au tweeted his followers about a new machinima by Rysan Fall, a tribute to Billie Holiday in the latter days of Black History Month, I went to see the piece.  (Make sure to read his story!)

You should see this, too.

This film comes damn close to perfection; the one part I wouldn’t do is see the hanged man’s eyes blink, which is both a little weird and breaks the wall of the story.  Other than that, this is fine, and Rysan deserves all the praise I can give him.

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Frank’s The Elites Club

Nanceee and Gymmy Sinatra are at it again.  Their club, Frank’s Place, is so popular these days that they decided to branch out.  So they’ve taken a chunk of another sim — which location shall remain secret, for clear reasons — and opened up a second club, The Elites.  The club is open now, but the grand opening is planned for this Friday, November 14, at 7:00 p.m. SLT, with more activities through the weekend.

This is a membership-only club, with dues of L$1,000 a month, and you must apply for the membership.  You must wear your group tag to get on the land and stay there.  But oh, what you get if you’re a member!  First of all, you can add on one guest or secondary member for free — perfect for couples, or friends who want to share a good place to hang out.  (This can be changed once a month.)  And if you refer someone who signs up, you get a L$250 gift certificate, good at stores in the malls.

The kiosks at The Elites are for Featured Designers, who will be offering exclusive items for members, or special pricing on selected items, so there’s another reason to check it out!

Additionally, beyond the beauty of a low-lag club, you can rent the club for up to two hours a month for private parties, for free.  (More time is available; contact Jaidyn Hartsdale, the general manager, once you join for details.)  This, combined with the quality atmosphere that is Frank’s, makes your membership quite worthwhile.

How about a look around?  (Top to bottom, left to right; click on pictures for enlargement, and again for full size)

The first five photos are a tour of the main room, which is the Dance Floor and Lounge.  You’ll enter from the courtyard outside, which is being set up as the mall.  The contribution kiosks you’ll find are also where you’ll pay your membership dues every month.  Inside, you’ll find warm colors in wood and carpet, with gold trim and Art Deco motifs in the fixtures.  Several conversation nooks are set aside with club chairs and tables, while more traditional seating is beside the dance floor.  And there are plenty of stools at the bar, of course, as well as drinks.  Nanceee and Gymmy designed, built and decorated the place, and they surely know their business; you won’t find better saloonkeepers, to borrow from Danny Thomas.

If you’d like someplace a little more private, for a small party or a more intimate setting, go back to the lobby and check out the teleport pads.  These lead to a series of skybox rooms that you can have to yourself for one hour at a time.  The plan was to rent them for free, but Second Life doesn’t work that way, so the quite nominal charge of L$1 gets you an hour of time in your own private hideaway or pied-à-terre.  (The time can be extended for the same fee.)  My gallery shows three of the rooms; a fourth is being worked on at the writing, and will be themed around Hollywood in the Golden Age, similar to the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel — figured wallpaper, Hurrell-style portraits of actresses, and French Provincial furniture (if I remember my college art classes correctly).

  • The Japanese Tea Room is set up as a dining room in a traditional Japanese house.  The walls are shoji screens, with tatami on the floor, and the fixtures are all lovely pieces of lacquerware and paper lanterns.  Kimono and sword displays decorate the walls, along with prints in what could be called “Oriental Modernist.”
  • The Safari Room uses pictures of African animals, and the rugs and cushions are fake-fur animal hides (yes, Frank’s is green!), while stands of bamboo grow in the corners.
  • The Sinatra Room — well, can you guess who this is dedicated to?  Needless to say, it swings, baby, like a club straight out of Fifties/Sixties Vegas; white leather seating, prints of club singers and sophisticates and (of course!) the Chairman on the walls.

Do you need any more reasons to apply?  Contact any of the Frank’s Place staff, or Elites GM Jaidyn Hartsdale, for more information.

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Frank’s Place has Expanded!

Frank’s Place in the former Oasis Resort region, which was later renamed Franks Place — (sigh) — is no more; that’s the bad news.

The good news is that Nanceee and Gymmy Sinatra have added on a second region right next door to their original sim (which is now given over to a high-end mall), called it Franks Place 2, moved the club there, and rebuilt it completely. And I mean completely.

The basic concept of the original Frank’s, a club built on a raised platform, with balconies over the main floor, is still there; but the building materials have changed. Instead of the expanses of white marble floors and columns, the new Frank’s is now warm woods and fieldstone. One section of the build is roofed by a series of “Crystal Palace” arch skylights, which are also over the entrance pergola on the outside porch (Photo 1; see bottom of article). The host’s desk, a Frank’s tradition, is still there, of course, and the staff is as welcoming as ever (Photo 2). On the night I stopped in to do my photos, MsMaggs Freck was on duty. (I try to tip the hosts whenever I can if they are helpful, and MsMaggs was that night.)

Past the (exquisitely polite) guardian of the gate, you’ll find a large entrance hall supported by fieldstone columns (Photo 3). Several staircases lead to the upper floors; a few club chairs and tables are scattered about for you to relax in while waiting for your date to arrive. Turn left and head past the stairs, and you’ll find yourself in what I’m calling the main lounge (Photo 4, which does not do it true justice). More chairs, including love seats, are placed for quiet privacy or conversation, and a few pose balls invite couples to get together for a portrait. Notice the windows here, by the way; Hunter Nieuport, the architect of the entire build, created them for the Sinatras. Similar beveled-glass windows are at other places about the walls.

The bar (Photos 5 and 6) is much larger now. The usual stools run along the bar counter proper, and the old pictures of the Chairman and his Rat Pack buddies adorn the walls, but there is now a row of stool/chair combos stretching that side of the dance floor. As for that floor (Photo 7), I’m thinking (subjectively) that it’s now larger. There are definitely more dance balls laid out, with the usual swing/waltz/ballroom type dance picks; and, of course, there’s the big multi-user mirror ball overhead with more selection laid into it. There’s plenty of room for everyone to whirl around for a good time; and they do so, for Frank’s Place is still one of the most popular clubs on the Grid. With soundtrack from the masters of the Great American Songbook on their own feed, or requests taken by the house DJ in an occasional appearance, you have little excuse not to get out there and start dancing! (Listen to that, guys!!!)

Oh, are you hungry? Head upstairs to the balconies, and you’ll find dining tables (Photo 8). I think you can get that traditional club grub Chateaubriand now, but check with the hosts to be sure (grin).

Check Frank’s Place out; and when you’re done, go on down the stairs to the mall, populated by quality stores such as Zhao Shoes, Virtual Impressions, and clusters of stores for the well-dressed avatar. You can’t go wrong, baby! Remember, though, formal dress is a requirement.


You don’t want to take my word for it? Read another review, at

Frank’s Place Has a New Landmark

Why do I make noise about this? Because the old landmark is no longer good. The region’s name has changed, from Oasis Resort to — “Franks Place”!

The new SLurl is here.

Among other things, the Sinatras are running a large expansion of their mall, oriented toward the formally-dressed clientele of the club. Fine stores such as Virtual Impressions are there, and a look is much encouraged.

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