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Frank’s Place and Phat Cat’s On Independent Top 10 Site List for August

Word comes down from New World Notes of an article at SL Entrepeneur magazine blog (with pictures Not Suitable For Work or Family), giving their ranking of the 10 most popular bot-free locations for the past month in Second Life.  This long phrase means that these locations are riding into their ranking on their own merits, and not through stat-gaming tricks such as bots or camping.  I’m glad to say that an old favorite of mine, Frank’s Place, is well seated at number 3, and holding steady from their previous ranking.  A recent place I’ve visited, Phat Cat’s, is at number 1.  Another location I’ve visited, the Kingdom of Sand in Purgatorio region, is at number 7.

It is possible to build successful locations that don’t rely on gizmos to inflate your stats.  Having personally seen how busy and enjoyable these three venues are, I can testify to this.  Congratulations to their owners, especially to old friends the Sinatras!

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I’m Sari…So Sari

(I am sorry [no, I’m not!], but that title was jumping up and down like Donkey on the DVD menu for Shrek.)

I saw a lovely silk top the other day on another blog — can’t remember which one now — and it led me to the seller, Zaara.  It’s a nice shop with what the owner refers to as an “eclectic fusion mix” of items.  I found my top and I bought it.  But then I went through the rest of the store — and my heart was lost.

There is some brilliant jewelry there called Kaya in several different colors:  bracelets, earrings and necklace.  I grabbed a set in malachite and both metals, and also a package of bangles that was nearby.  But when I went upstairs, I found the below.  I’ll say no more words, except that it’s the nicest sari I’ve seen yet in the Metaverse, and you can find more photos at my Flickr stream.

Shape:  Alady Jane Seymour (Update 7)
Skin:  GemCorp Wendy
Eyes:  Curious Kitties Crystal Green
Alady Prim Lashes (free with purchases)
Hair:  ETD Sofia (Copper, blackened)
Nails:  Detour Gold Metallics
Dress:  Zaara Menaka sari (deep green)
Shoes:  Shiny Things Brocattos (green)
Jewelry:  Zaara Kaya (malachite fatpack, gold)

Photographed in the Kingdom of Sand region

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