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Strawberry Singh On the Marketplace Controversy

Strawberry Singh has weighed in on the debate over whether or not the Second Life Marketplace is a good thing for in-world commerce.  As of my last check, she’s up to 11 comments and pingbacks, including my own submission.  I’d urge you to go read this and giveconsidered opinion to the matter, then offer up your own thoughts.  Remember, shooting from the hip usually results in the shooter blowing her foot off.  Don’t just leap in with a screed, on the subject or personally directed.

For Mad Men Types

Siyu Suen of Illusions plurked this yesterday, apparently a message sent to her from the Masters of the Marketplace:

“Do your products evoke the 60’s? A time when a drink and a smoke at work were the norm and the cut of clothes celebrated curves? If so, add the keyword “madstyle” to your listings. We’ll be posting a banner soon to send shoppers to these items.”

This sounds like it might be a good thing.  Watch the Marketplace for this.

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Meet My Friend Here, and Help Japan

The need continues in Japan for the survivors of the huge earthquake and associated tsunami a little over a week ago. Please consider purchasing a copy of my friend here, made by the Lindens for relief contributions. 100% of the proceeds goes to the earthquake effort.  There are six different bears, three sitting like this little guy and three you can hold and hug, and they are available at three different price levels:  L$300, L$1,000 and L$3,000.

Second Life Marketplace

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