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Oscar Night 2009 in Second Life

Well, nobody wrote me back, but I’m leaving the offer open.  If you have a gown you’d like/love to wear on the red carpet in front of Joan and Melissa and Lisa and whoever else, write me with pictures, and I’ll publish them in another article.  I also have a group on Flickr that you can add them to.

These were my two choices for this year:

For the ceremony --

For the ceremony --

At the ceremony itself, especially if you’re going to be a presenter, you should have some drama, yet stateliness.  This gown, Imogene from My Precious, offers just that.  Done in a deep purple, the skirt is flounced at the knees for a partial train; but the real drama is the plunge back, with a big bow held on by a massive diamond flower.  The tails of the ribbon train behind you partially, and move in the breeze as you move.  Just imagine Leo or Harrison with his hand on the small of your back, squiring you in to the auditorium, while you’re wearing this.  (The one problem I see is that there should be more flex to the ribbon; but that would affect the entire ribbon, not just the tails.)

  • Shape:  Alady Jane Seymour
  • Skin:  GemCorp Wendy
  • Eyes:  Curious Kitties Crystal (blue)
  • Lashes:  Detour Edge
  • Hair:  ETD Anisa (copper blackened)
  • Gown:  My Precious Imogene (purple)
  • Shoes:  Detour Glamour Metallic Pumps (black)
And for the parties --

And for the parties --

They’ve just said good night from the podium, but you haven’t noticed, because you’ve been backstage in the press room.  You’re still flabbergasted as you leave the room by the gold statuette you’re holding in your hand, from your dark-horse beat-out of Meryl, Gwyneth, Sandra and Virginia for that little indie film you did.  You were plannng to party for a while, but now that plan’s changed, and you’re gonna par-teeee! And not just at the other parties around town; now you’re heading for the Governor’s Ball, and then off to the Vanity Fair venue.

Fortunately, you had a change of clothes with you anyway.  It’s just gonna get a little more intense use than you’d been thinking of, even in your wildest dreams!  So you slip off from your date to the dressing rooms.  When you return, you’re in this frothy little number from the House of Nyla up in Vancouver (and Starax region in world), with the bodice shaped to fit you ever just so, and cunningly scalloped at the seams.  The skirt is supported by petticoats of black tulle netting, and is perfect for kicking up your heels and dancing until dawn — or whenever they finally kick you out, still clutching that little golden man round the midsection….

  • Hair:  Sirena Allure (blonde, large, with hairpin for updo)
  • Gown:  House of Nyla Mistress (violet)
  • Nails:  Pixel Mode Sculpted Nails
  • Earrings:  Unknown store, designed by yoona Mayo
  • Other items unchanged

Photos taken by me at MDR Photography’s photospheres.

If you’d like to see a few more photos, check out my Flickr photostream, or the group above.  And remember to send me your own choices, or add them to the group!

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Ready for Oscar Night

I wasn’t planning on putting up any more photos from other Residents for a few weeks, but I spotted this after posting this morning’s Contact Sheet, and it was too good to hold back. Connie Sec again, in something that would make every fashion critic drool for as she walked into the Kodak to prepare for her presentation turn for best picture:

Ready for the red carpet

The gown is by Pixel Mode, the hair by Truth. And Joan Rivers would shoot herself on seeing this. It reminds me of Charlize Theron a few times, like in that orange number with the shoulder clips some years ago. Young, sexy but with an old-school sophistication that is gradually coming back.

If I had to match this, I’d wear one of my Nadirra gowns from Last Call at first guess, such as this (which I’ve published before), but with a different, more formal updo hairstyle:

Nadirra, by Ginny Talamasca

What would others of you wear? Send me links to Flickr photos or blog articles in the comments below.

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