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My 2nd Rezz Day was Yesterday!

Whew!  Between RL work, family, trying to get that photo spread on “Olympian Oracle” done, and then discovering my computer may have a fresh virus, I forgot that yesterday was my 2nd rezz day in Second Life.

Technically, I’m not really an old stager yet.  There are folks around who have been on the grid since the days of Linden World, and who remember when Ruths covered the land — at least until they rezzed up fully.  I’m starting to feel like an old hand, though, as my knowledge of the Grid and what I can do in it gradually grows.

In about a month, it’ll also be the 2nd anniversary of this blog.  I’ll do some actual navel-gazing at that time, assuming my home machine makes it out of the shop.  Until then, have a piece of (virtual) birthday cake on me.

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Posted October 25, 2009 by Harper Ganesvoort in Personal

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1 Year Old Today

Today I am an avatar.

Or at least I’m an avatar that’s been around for a while.  I first logged in to Second Life a year ago today, you see, and what a long strange trip it’s been!  In that time I’ve changed houses three times, started a business, and seen places that one wouldn’t believe.  And I’ve accumulated some friends along the way that I will treasure.

Have a slice of cake on me!

Love to all my friends, and….

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Posted October 11, 2008 by Harper Ganesvoort in Personal

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