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An Event To Remember

The long black limousine slowed its run up to the curb, coasting quietly the last meters to a perfect stop beside the beginning of the red carpet.  An arm appeared on the other side of the window to open the limo’s door; and a roar of sound crashed into the previously silent vehicle.  A tannoy squealed slightly, then boomed out, “Ladies and gentlemen, our next celebrity guest is the author of the world-bestselling thriller on which tonight’s première film is based.  From Saint Petersburg, Russia, please welcome Ms. E. P. Darchiev!!  Along with Elisaveta is the co-author of the screenplay, Gregory Boldini!”

“Bozhe moi!” the woman who was the momentary center of attention muttered under her breath in her native Russian, and crossed herself for good measure.

“Ah, relax there, ducks,” her escort said, fixing a smile on his face as he slid over to the door and prepared to hop out.  “If you’re nervous, just remember that everyone out there will forget you almost the moment Nicole and Brad show up.  There’s only three times you want them to really remember you:  when they hire you, when they write you the check, and when they announce your name at the Oscars.”  He winked at her as he crawled out of the car, and then he was holding out his hand to her to assist her.

Lisavet Darchiev fixed her own smile to her face, composed of one part excitement, one part pure terror, and the last part a bit of actual amusement at the craziness happening beyond the door of the limo.  She thought as she slid across the leather seat and accepted Gregory’s hand, One must wonder if maybe they’re howling for me to be thrown to the lions, it’s so like the Romans at the Colosseum.  Still, it had been a hell of a ride to this point, starting when she had written her first Cold War-based mystery and got it published in Moscow in 2010.  Two more books with the same Leningrad police-commissioner character had come so far; even more success when the English translations had taken off as fast as the Russian originals; and now here she was at the Hollywood première of the first book’s movie.  True, it didn’t star Daniel Radcliffe, as she’d hoped it would, but it was still a triumph light-years removed from her days as a diplomatic admin in London.  Lisavet still remembered fondly the cruise aboard the S. S. Galaxy to promote the English version of her second book.  And, as long as she could come up with good plots, the future looked very bright indeed.

premiere 1

The fans began applauding as Lisavet emerged from the limo, as they would any celebrity tonight.  Then the noise level faded perceptibly as everyone focused on her.  Just as Lisavet started to worry, though, it seemed to redouble, along with whistles, shouts of approval, and the flashes of cameras near and far.  And Lisavet realized that, remember her or not, everyone there definitely approved of what she wore….

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