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London Autumn

Fall is a weird time in Second Life (so is winter, but I digress).  By the nature of the virtual world, nothing changes unless someone changes it for the world; and so we have red maples and ground bushes starting to go into their “autumn cycle” while the ground is still covered with daisies, lavender and other flowers.  Witness this Hyde Park location near Speakers Corner, in one of the several London recreations in world.

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Denim To the People!

“Jeans represent democracy in fashion.” — Giorgio Armani

COCO Uber 1

I think I’d stretch that quote to denim overall.  (“No, not overalls, ya nimrod; go get your ears flushed.”)

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An Exotic Lady of Eastern Leisure

Lady of Leisure 1

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy….

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Celestial Couture

Junbug Interstella gown 1

Find out about this gown and a pantsuit on the next page….

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New Year’s at Nat’s

New Year's Eve 1

A fast one today, as I’m running a little behind getting ready for work.  But I figured I should kick off the new year with a bit of a celebration piece, and what better way to celebrate than in indulging in a little opulence?  Specifically, pieces from the current round of Uber, which opened on New Year’s Eve with the theme of Opulence.  The dress, shoes, stole and nails you see here all come from event stores.

May your new year be blessed, prosperous, and meaningful for you and yours.

New Year's Eve 2

New Year's Eve 3


The details:

Standard —

  • Skin: Glam Affair Cleo (America – Clean B, SLink appliers)
  • Eyes: Sterling Artistry Jeweled Eyes (brightblue)
  • Hair: Truth Sam (cranberry, with roots — no longer available)
  • Attachments: SLink High Feet and Casual Hands
  • Makeup: Madrid Solo Mix/Match Beguiled Eyeshadow (Gold) and Lipstick (Dark Red)

Available at this month’s Uber event —

  • Ensemble: ISON cinched sweater and metallic lace skirt (snow)
  • Accessories: REIGN. Avantii Pumps (white, SLink); ryvolter Maxine Shoulder Stole (Snow); BvddyX Gold Square Vintage Pyramid Earrings

Photographed in front of Nat’s in Detroit City region

signature 3

A Last Bit of Sunshine

erratic trisha 1

“One must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter.” — Henry David Thoreau

The merchants at the monthly Uber event are giving us a last splash of summer before we settle into coats and sweaters for the winter.  The cold season comes fast and hard in Second Life — one day your sim may be sunshiny and all flowers; the next, you’re blanketed in white.  Why not find somewhere to take in a little last-minute color to tide you over until spring returns?

Want more sunshine before the snow flies? Turn the page.

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