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London Blitz Memorial Services

A memorial service was held on 24 August 2010 within Second Life, to commemorate those who lost their lives in defense of London and England 70 years ago during the Luftwaffe attacks of World War II, better known as the Blitz.  The following machinima was taken by Zoe Connolly, sometime commanding officer of the Royal Caledon Air Force, and shows excerpts from the proceedings, stretching across three regions.

Lest we forget their sacrifice….

SL in Politics: USA 1, UK 0

johnny (sic) at Second Life Shrink writes of how, during the current election in Great Britain, none of the parties appear to have a presence in Second Life.  This contrasts sharply with the 2008 American presidential and congressional elections, when supporters both Democrat and Republican were out in force in several areas.  johnny asks if British parties are wary of doing a John Edwards tank of griefers (see his article for links), or if the profile of the Grid has slipped over the past year and a quarter.

I would suggest, myself, with no supporting evidence, that there might be a third reason.  Remember that parliamentary elections in most countries run only 30 to 60 days (beyond the usual party posturing in the Commons, of course [grin]).  Perhaps it isn’t worth the time and money to British parties to try and whip up the faithful in world yet.

Question:  how much difference, or perhaps relevance, did the party support in world (much more grass-roots, but to a logically smaller audience) make to the 2008 American elections?

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