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Great Hair from Tukinowaguma

I stumbled across Tukinowaguma hair sometime in the deep, dark past that I can’t remember, and I purchased one of her interesting wigs at that time.  But I didn’t go crazy about her hair until I got a sale ad from the Galleria at Frank’s, which drew me to her store there.  After catching sight of the other styles she had, I ran off to her main store and went crazy. KateForster Akina does lovely bobs, one of which I include in this photo essay; but her updos are fantastic as well.  If you’re looking for big hair for a ball or formal dance gown, definitely try out one of the Tukinowaguma stores, and you’ll find things there to enchant.

Most, if not all, of the styles are scripted for color change, by the way; click on the wig to bring up the menu.  You should either make a copy of the original (preferable, unless you have a huge Inventory), or choose a white shade to bring back the original base color.

I’ve placed the best of the photos I’ve taken in a set on my Flickr stream, and on Koinup as well.  If you like them, please leave comments (both here and there!).  But I’ll give you a small taste here of what I came up with, instead of drowning you in six tons of photos on this blog. As it worked out, I had a mess of Satin Sheen gowns from Nicky Ree on hand as well, and sets of opera gloves from Mimikri; and so I decided to try a themed photo shoot, changing only colors, shoes, hair and jewelry.  A few WindLight tweaks, courtesy of Torley Linden’s excellent package, are also used here.  As long as you have a good default saved to fall back on, don’t be afraid to experiment with those sliders, for both sky and water!

A few notes:

  • Nicky’s Satin Sheen gown is available at her store in most colors for L$100.  This absurdly low price for a Nicky Ree original is because she’s offering the original — it appears, from my reading of the notes I found in the packages, that someone’s copied her.  Please patronize the original designers, not the 7th Avenue knockoff “artists.”
  • Mimikri’s gloves are some of the best I’ve found on the Grid.  The cuffs are prim addons, so I did a little mixing of colors for effect, to match a few of the gowns.  Buy the whole set, and use the cuffs to show the “lining” of your gloves!

Turn the page and behold!

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The Wearin’ o’ the Green, SL 2009

Saint Patrick’s Day is one of those days that brings out the internationalist in you.  You could be from Pago Pago or Timbuktu, and it’d still be appropriate to wear a shamrock and shout “Erin go bragh!” to a passerby.  That’s certainly been happening in Second Life today, especially in the Dublin sectors.  It was a regular street party across the whole place, with music in the streets, a parade winding around the (virtual) River Liffey, and much downing of (virtual) Guinness.

I didn’t participate this year, though I braved the lag last year to hang out in the Blarney Stone in Dublin main region.  (How do I know what was going on?  I’m a group member at the Stone!)  Instead, I went to somewhere I haven’t visited before, the even more famous Straylight.  After all, Ireland is more than pubs; it’s also beautiful countryside, where the locals are said to recognize dozens more shades of green by eye than the rest of the world.  This poor benighted Dutch-American girl can’t say that — I can’t even recognize dozens of shades of orange, which would be more appropriate for a Dutch.  But I was happy to find spots where I could wear something green today.  (Click on the photos for larger images.)


I found this lovely outfit at Nicky Ree, and it seemed both perfect for Saint Patrick’s Day, and versatile as well.  Unlike the decadent Lindens, who pop up at office hours in guises beyond belief, I’m old school; a business meeting demands a suit.  But it doesn’t have to be charcoal grey all the time, and the deep emerald of this creation shows that.  The long duster coat dress makes this piece excellent for meetings at all but the most conservative of get-togethers.  The grace note here are the shoes, which are Foxy wedges by Stiletto Moody.  I picked them up at her last sale, and I’m unsure if they’re still available.


Want a different look?  Shorten the skirt, or even the pants (both are available in the set), and change your shoes to a pair of nice boots.  Now you have something that could still be worn to an office, but could also be worn to drinks and lunch on the town with a date.  But if that’s not enough….


…then take off the jacket completely, and use the shorts option, along with those boots.  A change of jewelry as well, and now you’re ready for a party at the pub with your mates.  Raise a glass, and toast the Saint and his beloved Eireann in style!

The details:

  • Shape/skin/eyes:  my standard for this avatar
  • Hair:  Mirada Sarita (fiery red)
  • Nails:  Pixel Mode sculpted nails
  • Suit:  Nicky Ree Diana jacket dress and pants (green)
  • Jewelry, photo 1, 2:  Zaara Kaya (malachite/gold) bracelet, earrings and necklace
  • Jewelry, photo 3:  EarthStones Bullseye (citrine/silver) bracelet, earrings and necklace
  • Shoes, photo 1:  Stiletto Moody Foxy wedges
  • Shoes, photo 2, 3:  Detour Mistress boots (black)

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Zaara Opens New Island Store in SL — (updated)

I’m running out of group slots, so I haven’t joined the newsgroup for patrons of Zaara Kohime, the owner and designer of Zaara, and therefore didn’t know that she has moved.

In case, poor fashion-driven soul, you haven’t heard of this place, ’tis truly bizarre of you, for Zaara is becoming one of the finest designers in Second Life.  In case you haven’t tired of me crowing about this woman’s work, her dresses are supremely elegant, her textures and colors mouth-watering delicious, her saris the most versatile I’ve seen so far — I’ve yet to wear one to Frank’s Place, but I think it would fit right in with the formal scene there [1] –and her ghagra skirts wonderful to move in!

Zaara kept store in the Tesla sector for a time; but she’s moved and opened up her own island just yesterday (Monday, January 12).  I’m not here to talk about the clothes, though, but about that new island; Zaara worked on it herself, and it’s as much of a gem as her clothes are.  Click on the thumbnails starting on the next page, and follow.

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Zaara Pashmina Shawls

At the end of our last exciting episode — in the comments of the last article, in other words — I was moaning (but with a grin) about Cajsa Lilliehook beating me out.  I was planning on writing about a lovely bit of couture from Zaara Kohime, who’s rapidly becoming one of my favorite designers, but Cajsa got there first.  Cajsa encouraged me to go ahead and do my piece, though, saying such good stuff should get all the notice it can.  And Zaara’s Pashmina shawls certainly deserve the attention.  (In fact, I’ve just placed her in my picks — something I don’t do much of!)

So click the thumbnails and behold quality that’s worth every linden:

(Colors in the pictures: berry blue, bottle green, peach & cream, sky)

Once again Zaara’s  choice in fabrics is sensational.  And her sense of detail is impeccable, from the fringe on the ends to the draping across your body.  I had only one out of this series I bought that I had to twitch into position, so as to keep a breast from poking through.  As for the uses, a scarf like this makes a nice accent to any good day dress or business suit.  You can combine with solids, or do as the Indians do and Cajsa demonstrated in the second of her two articles (#1 / #2), and combine with another pattern for effect.  (I wasn’t brave enough for that, but perhaps in the future!)

The shawls come in 12 colors, and can be purchased individually, in fatpacks of six each, or the entire collection together in a mega-pack — the last is a little pricey (L$1,950), but the savings are also mega, and the quality of the work makes it worth it.

  • Dress:  G.L.A.M. Luxe “Lita” w/ gold tights
  • Nails:  Sin Skins Glitter Burgundy
  • Eyes:  Virtual Impressions Shine green
  • Hair:  ETD Maaliyah (blackened cinnamon)
  • Shoes:  Biddle Boots full sculpties, black

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Playing Chess with Fabric at Zaara (updated)

In the high and far-off time, O Best Beloved, the game of chess was better known as Chaturanga to the Indians, and later to the Persians and perhaps the Moguls as Shatranj.  The game has descended to us across thousands of years under various names, but the old name is remembered.  And Zaara has drawn inspiration from it and the game to create this lovely piece.

(The pictures are thumbnails; click through for larger versions.)

Shatranj 1 Shatranj 2

This is a delicious confection in black and white silk, with gold embroidery.  You’ll even find tiny blue dots in the gold; this is the quality of the material used at this designer.  Zaara has absolutely lovely fabrics, and look how the ghagra skirt flows!  I wish it were possible to have some motion shots here, but I can’t take machinima worth beans, so you have to be satisfied with the implication here.

Shatranj 3

The top goes along with the skirt, of course, and shows the fabric even better.  It looks like there’s spots of gold along the edging as “embroidery”; note how it runs up the white cup there.  There is also a dupatta, a gold tulle or net drape that I though I was wearing when I shot these; but it somehow fell off.  Go to Zaara’s store and take a look at the vendor on the second floor!  It comes in two forms — straight over one shoulder, or falling across your body in front.

Along with this, I’m wearing more Indian goodies:  Yak & Yeti’s Devdras glass bangles (another Yak & Yeti freebie, if I remember); and something not Indian:  the Fleur diamond and pearl earrings in gold from Virtual Impressions.  My shoes are gold slingbacks from Armidi (you can’t see them), and my hair is Tiana from ETD (blackened copper).

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I’m Sari…So Sari

(I am sorry [no, I’m not!], but that title was jumping up and down like Donkey on the DVD menu for Shrek.)

I saw a lovely silk top the other day on another blog — can’t remember which one now — and it led me to the seller, Zaara.  It’s a nice shop with what the owner refers to as an “eclectic fusion mix” of items.  I found my top and I bought it.  But then I went through the rest of the store — and my heart was lost.

There is some brilliant jewelry there called Kaya in several different colors:  bracelets, earrings and necklace.  I grabbed a set in malachite and both metals, and also a package of bangles that was nearby.  But when I went upstairs, I found the below.  I’ll say no more words, except that it’s the nicest sari I’ve seen yet in the Metaverse, and you can find more photos at my Flickr stream.

Shape:  Alady Jane Seymour (Update 7)
Skin:  GemCorp Wendy
Eyes:  Curious Kitties Crystal Green
Alady Prim Lashes (free with purchases)
Hair:  ETD Sofia (Copper, blackened)
Nails:  Detour Gold Metallics
Dress:  Zaara Menaka sari (deep green)
Shoes:  Shiny Things Brocattos (green)
Jewelry:  Zaara Kaya (malachite fatpack, gold)

Photographed in the Kingdom of Sand region

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